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Our Electrical category is one of the most extensive selections in the industry.  

Wireless:  Almost every winch we offer has a wireless option.  This section shows our selection.  

Wiring Kits:  If you're mounting the winch to a receiver cradle or on a trailer you will need a wiring kit to power it.  This section covers an extensive line of kits for all your installation needs.

Quick Connects:  The industry's largest selection of quick connects and related accessories.  

Remote Mount Kits:  Many winches are installed inside bumpers or other areas with limited space. Non-integrated winches can remote mount the power unit and this section covers these kits

Plug Extensions:  Many winches are mounted in hidden or restricted areas.  This section offers plug extensions so you can mount the extended plug in a more convenient location

Power Interrupt:  These switches and kits offer an extra measure of safety by cutting power to wires not in use.  This section covers our power interrupt options.  

Booster Cables:  Work trucks can be equipped with booster cables that work from their quick connect connector.  We offer an excellent work truck kit!

Components:  This sections lists some of the more popular components we keep in stock for our wiring kits.  

Controllers:  This section has a complete list of our replacement controllers

Contactors/Solenoids/Relays:  This section has a complete list of our replacement switches


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